Project Life

Pride@NU, NU Scholars, NUSN, and other nursing students were granted the amazing opportunity to attend an informative presentation from Kathleen Thomas of North County Lifeline’s (@nclifeline ) Project LIFE. This presentation focused on providing the attendees with information about detecting, preventing, and reporting any and all possible cases of human trafficking. While this presentation provided in-depth information about human trafficking, there was a heavy focus on human trafficking for the LGBT community and young men, because the lack of information/education and resources for those individuals tends to be looked over; however, Project LIFE is educating the public on ways they can assist and advocating for survivors/victims regardless of age, gender, gender identity, country of origin, or specific type of trafficking.

Trey George, with Bethany Rickman, Sammi Gallardo, Whitley Harbison, Pamela Megan Schreurs, Aryall Jardines and Gia Cabarse.

Due to the heavy interest and success with this event, we hope to have Project LIFE come back to National University to bring awareness to human trafficking. If you or anyone you know may have questions or concerns about human trafficking, please contact Project LIFE at 760-842-6526 or contact your local non emergency law enforcement line.



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