Great work on our FIRST fundraiser!

Congrats to #PrideAtNu for their very first fundraiser! We raised $228 in cash, and I bet we will break $500 once we finalize our credit card sales. Also signed up more marchers for Saturday! Amazing work and big thank yous to our bakers and staffers: Gia Cabarse, Aryal Jardines, Pamela Schreurs (our President for LIIIIIFFFFEEE), Trey George, Stefanie Kairs, Katie Yegsigian (your cookies were the undisputed all-star seller), Sammi Gallardo (see those gorgeous rainbow cake pops in the photo), Whitley Harbison, Rebecca Orvell, Peter Tannous, and, the woman who makes it all happen, Patricia R. Cardozo, MA and her NU Scholars Program. And we could not do it without our supporters, thank you to everyone who bought a treat for a good cause. :-) #nuscholars #NUFam #diversity #equity #inclusion

PRIDE@NU Bear is rocking his PRIDE, YMCA, and Military Ally pins, and is getting stocked for the 2019 San Diego Pride Parade (NU's first-ever contingent) this Saturday, July 13th~



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